Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some Bokeh Play with Dylusion Sprays

HI Everyone!!!  Since I am trying to fight a cold, I have had some time playing!!  I wanted to share what I have been creating using the Bokeh technique.  If you have never heard of Bokeh, its really about perspective and circles!!!  If I were to describe it, if you have ever taken a picture with your camera of a christmas tree or anything with lights and its out of focus and all you see are the round lights.  That's how I interpret it anyways.  I have seen this done in many youtube videos and I think its really pretty.  In this post I will show you what I did and what I made with it. 

So, here are two examples that I have made.  I had done this using only some water, dylusion sprays, brushes,and cold pressed watercolor paper. 

The first thing I did was used some washi tape to tape down the watercolor paper.  When watercolor paper gets really saturated, it tends to curl or buckle and gets really stiff.  I'm not sure if hot pressed paper does the same thing ( I will have to experiment). 

Here are the colors I chose for this project: cut grass, funky fuschia, london blue, vibrant turquoise, and white linen.  I also got a spray bottle of just plain water.  First I sprayed the paper with the water to get it nice and wet.

Next, I started to get some color down. Once I had the paper covered in color, I took the water again, and moved the color around.

Next, I took a paint brush to move more of the color around.  Once I had it looking the way I wanted it, the fun part starts.   Because I was using a spray, I found some plastic packaging the I could spray the white into.  Or if you wanted you could just take the cap off and dip your brush into it (afterthought for me).  I started making big circles first.  They aren't perfect circles, I just freehand the circles down.

Now comes the medium circles......

Now because its dylusions, the colors are still going to show through the white making the whole thing look transparent.  You will want to go back and darken your smaller circles. 

Here I added the smaller circles and some white splattering to finish it off.  So this is what I decided to make with it!!!

I made some cards!!!!  Since I have been sick, I had been doing a lot of stamping and fussy cutting.  Now to adhere the card fronts to their bases, I used score tape on the back to eliminate the paper from buckling.
I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave a comment or any questions......

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  1. I love what you done Gwen!!! It turned out really beautiful patty