Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Monthly Challenge at Kraaft Shaak

 I am sooooo excited because this is my first art challenge over at the Kraaft Shaak!!  I'm especially excited about this month because the challenge was to incorporate fabric in some way,shape, or form.   So of course this called for a shopping trip to Michaels!!!!  New for the spring they have a Denim and Linen display of all sorts of stuff to alter that has denim,linen,canvas,and burlap.  So I grabbed a bunch of 4"canvas boards wrapped in denim and linen.  Now, I kept looking at the denim display and I began reminiscing about when I was growing up denim was a BIG deal.  Jeans, jackets,bags, purses, you name it.   What made it cool was drawing on it!!!!! So, in creating this project, it took me back to school and remembering all the art work my fellow classmates created with their clothes!!!

Here is the finished project.  But I will take you through step by step on how I did it.

These are just 4 inch square denim canvas panels that I picked up at Michaels.  They were real cheap.  I grabbed a bunch!!

Next, I took some washi tape and just taped them together.  I didn't exactly know off the bat that I would do a butterfly, but in the event I made something abstract or with a lot of movement, it might look neat with the panels seperated afterwards. 

I took some gesso and just spread it around with my fingers.  I didn't want to cover the whole thing so you could still tell it was denim. 

This first stencil is a recollection stencil by Michaels.  Here is where I like to get messy with my dylusion spray inks!!! 

Here I am using funky fuschia,vibrant turquoise,and cut grass.  I also used some distress inks as well (do you know hard those little inchies are to keep on the table!!!??)  Both these inks are water soluble.  Watch what happens next when I put some paint on. 

The butterfly stencil is from Plaid.  I first outlined the entire stencil.  I was planning on having just a solid butterfly.  Then this happened..........

At first I was upset, but quickly I loved what I was seeing.....Even after a couple coats of acrylic paint, the dylusion sprays were reactivated and the color bled through. 

Here I just added some more acrylic paint and filled in the stencil to offset the background a little bit.  I ended up just adding some shading and sparkles and called it a day!!!! 

If you would like to join the Kraaft Shaak Kommunity, head on over to and join their kommunity group on google+ and submit your own challenge!!!!


  1. Gwen, you done an awesome job on this! It is beautiful. hugs, patty

  2. This came out wonderfully. I love how you taped it together. I love that you used denim! What a creative project! Welcome to blog land. I think you are going to find out it can be super addictive. I really enjoy watching videos too, so I can't wait to see yours.

  3. OH HOW COOL!!! I love this project and your retelling of it! Great job, Gwen! You are awesome.
    I will for surely count this in the drawing for this month!!!
    I think the sprays coming through is so magical, I love when things get"found" like that.